Round 6 Race Report

Trackstar Racing Round 6 / Year End Race Report:

First I want to thank all of the Riders who support my shop and give me the opportunity to do what I love. Thank you! Thanks to the guys who ride for me, you make it all worth while!
I want to thank our Sponsors who make it all possible., Kimber Kable, Ray Kimber, Rickdiculous Racing / Adam Bronfman and Ricky Bronfman, Champion Spark Plugs, ‪#‎teamchampion‬, Spectro Oils, Apex Trackdays, Ken Hill, Shane Turpin, Spidi and Western Power Sports, Shoei Helmets North America and Jessica Brown, M4 Exhaust, Vortex Racing, Joe Salas, Steve Midgley Motorcycle Photography, Ignite Media Utah, Dunlop andScott Larsen, Öhlins USA, Venhill Brake lines, Bazzaz, and Popshadow Decals. We couldnt do this without each and every one of you and hope you know how much your support means to us.

Gauge Rees: Gauge won both Deseret Dash races in the rain on Saturday. On Sunday he brought home 3rd in HVWT Superbike, 4th in Middleweight SS and 5th in KOMU. Season Championship standings: 2nd overall, 3rd HVWT Superbike, 4th Middleweight SS and 4th in KOMU. Its been a fantastic season!

Mark Reo: Mark won the Novice U race on Sunday and also took the win in Combined U. It was a great weekend for Mark! Season Championship: Mark too 3rd in the Novice GTO Championship, 2nd in the Novice GTU Championship and 3rd in Combined U. Excellent first season on the track!

Devan Deamer: Devan won the Production 250 race on Sunday and also clinched the Production 250 Championship. Devan also set the new track lap record on East for the 250 class. Devan also locked up 4th place in the Moto 3 Championship.

Ryan Richardson: Ryan won the Deseret Dash Novice race 1 and took second in race 2 on Saturday. He locked up 4th in the Twins U Championship, 2nd in the Moto 3 Championship and 7th in Novice U.

DonovanNcharity Busby: Donovan locked up 2nd in the Production 250 Championship and 5th in the Moto 3 Championship. Unfortunately he was not able to race round 6 due to work obligations.

Michael Hawkins: Michael was able to secure 4th in the Heavyweight Superbike Championship, 2nd in Formula 5, 5th in KOMU and 5th in Middleweight Superstock. Mike had a great year and didnt have a single crash.

Again, thanks to everyone for their support and for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Next year is going to be exciting!

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